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I still havnt received my omega replica uk! I have been waiting for the omega replica uk more then a month, could you please check where is my omega replica uk? No attempted to deliver was made as we have concierge on the site so there is always someone to receive the parcel!!! Could you please look into this and let me know what is happening!! If I won't receive the omega replica uk by next friday 11th of november I will be asking for a refund! I am writing to you in regards the omega replica uk I received yesterday ! I would like the omega replica watches uk to be replaced with another one as this one is not working properly! Its stops every now and then and something inside is moving(loose). Can you please email me the procedure for exchange as soon as possible, and the address I will need to send it to! I have sent the omega watches uk back to you at the end of November and still HAVE NOT received any news from you? Could you please check and let me know whats happening as I have been dealing with this issue for few month already and I still havnt got a watch! Could you please reply to me ASAP!

We have tried as per your instruction and indeed it still does not work. as i said in e mail i took omega replica uk down to a reputable jeweller and he said it was faulty - the problem being that the winder would not stay in the locked position and would just pop back out and when this happens the watch stops working. i would appreciate if you could send a replacement asap and a return label and i will send original omega replica uk back to you as soon as i receive address labels etc. i will await your reply. I have just been down to Post Office with omega replica uk all packaged up and ready to send and the only service on offer is Airmail International Sign For which means there has to be someone at destination address to sign for package. could you e mail me as soon as possible to let me know if there is someone at address given all the time in order for them to sign for package when it arrives. once posted it should arrive there withing 5 working days. I look forward to hearing from you by return and when i receive your reply i will go back and post watch back to yourselves. it is securely packed. Can you confirm you have received the package containing omega replica watches uk blue dial and face. it is now over 2 weeks since it was returned and as i have had no reply from you i would like to know the progress being made. The omega replica watches uk was paid for at the beginning of december and as it was unable to be worn i assumed that your would have had a replacement shipped out to me by now. i await your reply as soon as possible .